Old Skateboards – Neal Unger

perfect match, würd ich sagen. Schöne Story über den wohl ältesten bekannten Skater:

We had the pleasure to travel to california this spring,
and hang out with Neal. A. Unger for a couple Days.
Heres our short video documentation called “from pines to palms” of the time we spent in sunny california.

In front of the Camera: Neal A. Unger, Lars Stockmann Olsen
Behind the Camera: We make them Wonder
Creative Direction: We make them Wonder, R. M. Sulzbach
Music: Corners, Pressure
Thanks to Brian Tissot for getting us the Old Super 8 Footage.
Shout to Neal, Mary, Skyler, Lars, Lutz, Niclas, Paul, Constantin, Robert, Marion, Stefan, Anke, Steffelz, James Rivers, Nathol-u-gee and everybody who made this possible.


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